Back in 2010 I had a band with a great group of guys called “The Lottery”. We were a progressive rock trio with an interest in humor and the occult. We had been developing some new material after our first record “Empires” was released. This material took on a bit darker tones and subject matter all while definitely achieving an uplifting feeling and hitting a vein of positivity.

We were naturally excited when we were given an opportunity to record in an old Theater/Masonic Temple in Dunsmuir California. The massive building in the small town of Dunsmuir was like a relic of times past, when this point on the Pacific Coast Railway was a hub of activity and prosperity. My impression was that the town was built like it was going to eventually be a city. Massive buildings more suited for New York City blocks rather than a small town nestled steeply into a mountain valley.

The ceremony room where we decided to record was on the 3rd floor and all the equipment had to be carried up a long and wide flight of stairs flanked on either side by ornate woodwork and interesting paintings. Once at the top of the stairs there was a mezzanine with bathrooms, adjecent office style rooms that had connecting closests that ran into more closets and so on. The interesting thing is there were two large rooms up here. A ballroom roughly 60′ x 80′ and 20′ ceilings, and the ceremony room which was roughly the same dimensions but with 30′ ceilings.


So this is where this whole project really started to take off and begin. On the 3rd floor of an old Masonic Temple in Dunsmuir California. Fate brought us here when we began to meet others who resonated the same ideas and interests. We had assembled a number of songs, riffs, and elaborate ideas up to this point but without a sure reason why.

You read things in your day to day life that not only spark your immediate unconscious but also your Subconscious. These subconscious things we sometimes let come through musically or lyrically by being in the moment and not pre-planning anything too much. These songs were in the works for the better part of a year. One cycle around the Sun. Embarking on this Album probably began with the song ‘Two Years From the Sun’. It was demoed during Empire’s and it had a certain unifying element to it. It touched on Topics of Space, Celestial Spheres, The need to go Forward, and so many things related to being human. Numbers also started to become a theme in this album. We had noticed during writing we had to come up with temporary names for the songs like “5’s, 6’s, 7’s, and 9’s.. with the obvious 4’s and 8’s. Thats because the meter of the songs took on these characters or sometimes mixes of their patterns. None of this numbering was intentional. It was just the way the riffs were created and sounded good to us.

Combing through the aftermath you find reasons why you think subconsciously it all played out like such. Numbers, Sequences, and Lyrics in the same Spiral Fabric. Coincidentally we began taking a Qabalah class with Djin Aquarian of Yahowa 13 an iconic Psychedelic band from the 60’s that pioneered spiritual community in music. The Qabalah is the root of pretty much all Occult and Spiritual origin. It is heavily coded in numbers and letters like the Bible itself. There is so much more we could describe about all the songs but that will come in time with more detail no doubt!  More Links and Pages soon to follow!

Check out this track and look at these pictures for a sense of what the place was like. The most interesting thing was the sound of the drums. I am going to post some tracks of just the drums in this giant room. What a sound!

Masonic Recording

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