Ryan Marchand is a songwriter and live-looping artist who has recorded and produced 10 albums of original music. Ryan has been on the road a total of 10 years supporting his music touring North America, Europe and Egypt.

He has a tireless energy for creating and playing music that especially shows in his live performances. Using live-looping Ryan creates up-beat pop songs with a positive message layered with beat-box percussion, vocal harmonies, and soaring guitar solos all before your ears and eyes.

His latest album ‘The Magic’ was released July 4th, 2014 and contains his original looping material.

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Bands Opened For

Ziggy Marley; Big Brother & The Holding Company; Apocolyptica; Killswitch Engage; Thornley; Simple Plan; It’s a Beautiful Day; Smile Empty Soul; Trapt; Beduoin Soundclash; Death From Above 1979; David Usher; Scott Huckabay; Moneen

Notable Venues/Festivals

SXSW festival – Austin, Texas 2008
Wild Mountain Music Faire – Concow Reservoir, California 2010
Monterey Pop Festival – Monterey, California 2013
Westfield Mall – Culver City, California 2012
The Grove – Hollywood, California 2012
The Opera House – Toronto, Canada 2007
Apple Jam – Applegate, Oregon
The Britt Festival – Jacksonville, Oregon 2013

Producers/Engineers Recorded with

Ron Saint Germain – Tool, Soundgarden, Jimi Hendrix, U2, The Cult, Cat Stevens, Sonic Youth, 311, Creed, Bad Brains, In Living Color

David Shiffman – The Mars Volta, Johnny Cash, System of a Down, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Audioslave, Nine Inch Nails, Thrice, Rage Against The Machine, Weezer, Cheryl Crow,

Sylvia Massey – Tool, Prince, R.E.M., Johnny Cash, System of a Down, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Apex Theory, Dishwalla

Bill Appleberry

Overseas Tours

Africa – 2006
Europe – 2006
Europe – 2008


Played on the same stage at the Monterey Pop Festival where Jimi Hendrix iconically set his guitar on fire.

Have recorded 10 albums

Gained the sponsorship of a custom guitar company and had a handmade custom instrument built

Completely produced, mixed, and engineered all recordings since 2010.


My good friend is here visiting. I took him up to Mt Shasta for hiking. As good luck and chance would have it, we stopped at a little pub with a performance patio. We were only going to watch the performer for one song but were glued to our chairs for 2 hrs.

We were amazed. Breathtaking would be more like it. Never seen anything like what we witnessed.

Like you, Ive seen about everything. Sometimes I feel like even the best of them all. Then comes something like this to blow you out of the water. We were captivated and felt there is a musical force brewing in this young performer, like nothing we’ve seen yet.

To say he possesses it all would be an understatement: Talent, drive, variance of styles, command of the instrument, captivating performance skills, completely original songwriting, hooks, melody and transition. His song structures, rhythms and guitar work was soaringly beautiful, he had command of many styles. Flamenco, 12 string classical and Dave Gilmore/ Santana/ McGloughlin styled beautifully soaring solos. He works by himself with a looping system where he starts out laying his own rhythm, then bass lines, backing vocals and drums( with his mouth!), then he plays guitar and sings his own songs.

Magnificent is all I can say. After his show I told him he’s the best thing Ive seen in a very long time. there’s no one close to what he does, or at the level he does.

If there’s anyone who needs discovering in PDX….it is HIM. I made it a point to tell him so. He then wondered where he could play. I told him there’s surely many many places, but couldn’t think of any in particular because they change so fast and Ive been away for some time now.

So I told him if anyone could help would be you. He’s quite eclectic, yet has plenty of main-stream appeal because of his rock and blues background. Fans of almost any genre would be blown away. Like many artists, seeing him live is much different than in studio.

– Ty Hitzman (Millennium Music)