20Sep, 2016

A Rock Opera: ‘Lights’ the Musical!

A lot has happened in the last 6 months. Playing gigs almost every weekend has given me the opportunity to work on my sound and really find out what songs of mine audiences feel genuine connections to. While I am playing I am always sort of thinking of the bigger picture of what I want to do with music and theatre and film is always on my mind. While I am playing the different layers I am always picturing visuals […]

7Sep, 2016

2015 Southern Oregon Rising Stars Competition

So the very premise of Competition in Music can seem strange to me and I am sure it does for many other musicians as well. There are so many facets to music it would seem impossible to set a system by which to “judge” it unless the parameters were fairly narrow. For example: Judging songwriters from strictly performers can be widely different. Songwriters may have parameters such as lyrics, melody, and structure.

(structure is a place where I think personal opinion can […]

5Sep, 2016

Recording in an old Masonic Building

Back in 2010 I had a band with a great group of guys called “The Lottery”. We were a progressive rock trio with an interest in humor and the occult. We had been developing some new material after our first record “Empires” was released. This material took on a bit darker tones and subject matter all while definitely achieving an uplifting feeling and hitting a vein of positivity.

We were naturally excited when we were given an opportunity to record in […]

4Mar, 2015

The Seattle Magma Fest

On March 5th Ryan traveled south from Canada into Seattle to play a psych show with brother Djin Aquarian of Yahowha 13.

The event was sponsored by Hollow Earth Radio and held at Radar Hair and Records. Definite highlights included an ecstatic jam with members of the local Seattle Progressive/Psychedelic music scene and hearing bands like Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand & Sugar Skulls play their own unique styles to make the evening special for everyone.

Yahowha 33 ended up being […]

21Jan, 2013

Stay Tuned!

This site is BRAND NEW! So stay tuned as I am going to be adding all the interesting bits of news and stories from the road as time goes on and I can update this! Thanks for checking in!

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