The Magic

Alternative / Pop / Funk / Live-Looping

Searching for the Shore

Acoustic / Pop / Alternative

The Lottery – Empires

Concept Album / Progessive / Rock / Pop

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Whirldwind States


I’ve Been Missing You

You’re On The Clock


Album Information

Ryan Marchand – The Magic (July 2014)

Alternative / Pop / Funk / Live-Looping
Ryan Marchand – Vocals, Guitars, Beatboxing, Producer, Engineer, Design, the whole shebang.
Recorded live using a Boss RC-30 Loop Pedal.

*Magic was recorded using looping in a studio environment
This recording was tuned to 432Hz.

Thank You: Pegasus Pro Sound, Bob and Norma Miller, Rob Renick & Shasta Mountain Guitars, Kristie Lynn & Madelin Jade, The Wayside, Mt. Shasta Vets Club, The Dunsmuir Brewery, Jeremy Price, Scott Springer, Barb Wagner, John Cumming & Silicon Sorcery, and everyone else who has supported me through all these years!


Released 04 July 2014


Sail Away lyrics written by Ryan Marchand & Jeremy Price.

Off the Radar & Really Smart People music written by Ryan Marchand & Paul Kreizenbeck

West P.A. music and lyrics by John Angus Martin & Ryan Marchand

Ryan Marchand – Searching for the Shore

(December 2012)

Acoustic / Pop / Alternative


released 01 April 2012