A lot has happened in the last 6 months. Playing gigs almost every weekend has given me the opportunity to work on my sound and really find out what songs of mine audiences feel genuine connections to. While I am playing I am always sort of thinking of the bigger picture of what I want to do with music and theatre and film is always on my mind. While I am playing the different layers I am always picturing visuals with every change.. colors, images, lights, darkness, sounds… all of the sensory stuff.

Recently I have been given the opportunity to put on a concert in the beautiful Ford Theater at College of the Siskiyou’s (COS) in Weed, California. I couldn’t help but want to something a little bit more with such a grand stage so this will be my first step into theatre with my own compositions. I will be collaborating with the COS drama department to produce the dramatic elements to the show and Jimmy Higgins will be working as Director. I am very excited!

I will be posting on this blog updates as they come in about how the show is developing and where to get tickets and all that. I can say that this show is for 2 nights only and may not be shown again for 6 months or never again.